Buenos Días & Herzlich Willkommen

Buenos Días & Welcome

Buenos Dias Mallorca

It's unbelievable how time flies, in April 2018 I went to Mallorca and actually only wanted to stay for a year and then emigrate to the USA. UNITED STATES? Yes, that was my childhood dream! Why not the USA and now Mallorca?

Mallorca cast a spell over me from the very first minute. You come out of the airport and are surrounded by palm trees, then the drive across the whole island in the southeast to Cala D'Or was just indescribably beautiful. Did you know that I initially worked at the Robinson Club in Mallorca? Oh, that was a wonderful time, but I knew that I was moving on and decided to go looking for a job here on Mallorca and suddenly it was no longer USA, but Mallorca. :)

Looking for a job, telling them I'm leaving Robinson, emigrating alone and I'm in the thick of things! Help! But more on that in my next blog.

Until then, feel very hugged and sunny greetings from the most beautiful island of the Balearic Islands!

Marina x ontheotherseaside

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